At A Better Tomorrow Addiction Center, our mission is to give our clients the best possible chance at achieving lasting recovery. We provide comprehensive, medically monitored chemical dependency treatment services for men and women that are ages 18 and older, who struggle with drug and/or alcohol dependence, as well as those who may be simultaneously struggling with a co-occurring mental illness. We are committed to providing our clients with the latest in science-based treatment, delivering care in the most cost-effective, patient-specific manner possible. Treatment goals are designed to assist clients in achieving significant improvement in their quality of life by eliminating their reliance on the use of substances. In addition, we hope to see a consequent reduction in any associated health problems and psychopathology that may accompany those addictions.

At A Better Tomorrow Addiction Center, we promote consistent client involvement throughout the entire therapeutic process. Working closely with our highly trained and experienced staff, clients are able to identify their own unique treatment goals and then assess the progress they make towards reaching those goals throughout their time spent in programming. Clients’ goals are consistently reestablished and reevaluated, and they will identify specific techniques that can be used in order to reach those goals.

The therapy groups at A Better Tomorrow Addiction Center are intended to provide clients with a forum to resolve underlying emotional issues that may be blocking them from achieving recovery. In this setting, clients are able to discuss past behaviors, habits, and beliefs while developing new, effective problem-solving skills. The tools that are learned at A Better Tomorrow Addiction Center can guide clients as they handle future challenges and difficult life situations.

When drug and/or alcohol abuse is a factor in an individual’s life, he or she may fail to develop or maintain successful living skills. At A Better Tomorrow Addiction Center , in addition to helping clients overcome their addictions, we provide group therapy sessions that are focused on promoting daily social and living skills. These groups work to enable clients to practice life skills that will facilitate their ability to live healthy, successful, and sober lives once treatment has ended.

Our overarching philosophy at A Better Tomorrow Addiction Center stresses the importance of giving people who suffer from alcohol and drug addiction a safe, sober environment where they can learn about the disease of addiction itself, while also confronting their own trials head-on. We believe in offering clients the opportunity to succeed, or even to fail, with dignity. Every effort is extended to assist the individuals who are entrusted into our care in maintaining a positive attitude and continued abstinence while they gain their foothold in sobriety.