When drug addiction happens, it is a serious problem affecting the overall quality of life for both the addict and their friends and family. At A Better Tomorrow Addiction Center, we offer drug addiction treatment programs ranging from detoxification to an intensive, residential psycho-therapeutic program geared towards addressing the symptoms and the causes of addiction.

Overcoming drug addiction can seem impossible and extremely overwhelming, but sobriety and recovery is truly possible at Lighthouse Treatment Center. Our personally trained staff are equipped to specifically address drug addiction and help overcome symptoms and causes in a safe and comfortable environment.

Drug detox, followed by residential addiction treatment, is the gold standard of effective substance abuse care, and at A Better Tomorrow Addiction Center we strive to provide the highest quality of care in the nation. Our clients thus enjoy the unique comfort and convenience of not having to go to two different locations to receive these two critical recovery services. Here drug detox and residential addiction treatment belong to an all-inclusive, on-site recovery package.

The problem with drug addiction treatment is many people don’t know anything about it- or that addiction is a treatable disease in the first place. Rest assured, drug and alcohol use disorders are in fact treatable diseases, and there are many tiers of treatment which are designed to help people suffering from all types of addiction woes to get the help they need. One of the main contributors preventing those with substance use disorders from getting treatment is the negative social stigma surrounding addiction.

If you or a loved one are struggling to overcome drug addiction once and for all, there is no shame in that! The tides for addiction treatment are turning across the nation as there are demands of healthcare reform and subsequent awareness campaigns surrounding the disease of addiction. Now more than ever, it’s the best time to get drug addiction treatment, because more and more resources are becoming available to treat common drug use disorders- and not so common ones, too.